Grades 7-9 "Grease"

We'll get some overhead lifters, and four-barrel quads, oh yeah

Fuel injection cut off, and chrome plated rods, oh yeah

With a four-speed on the floor, they'll be waitin' at the door

Ya know without a doubt

I’ll be really makin’ out with Grease Lightin’

Go, grease lightnin', you're burnin' up the quarter mile

(Grease lightnin', go grease lightnin')

Go, grease lightnin', you're coastin' through the heat lap trial

(Grease lightnin', go grease lightnin')

You are supreme, the chicks'll scream for grease lightnin

We'll get some purple French tail lights and thirty-inch fins, oh yeah

A palomino dashboard and duel muffler twins, oh yeah

With new pistons, plugs, and shocks, she could beat the super stocks,

You know that I ain't braggin',

She’s a real dragon wagon My Greased Lightnin’


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