Grades 10-12 "Henry Ford/Wheels of a Dream"


See my people?

Well, here's my theory

Of what this country

Is moving toward.

Every worker

A cog in motion.

Well, that's the notion of

Henry Ford!

One man tightens

And one man ratchets

And one man reaches

To pull one cord.

Car keeps moving

In one direction.

A genuflection to

Henry Ford!


Praise the maker

Of the Model T!

Speed up the belt.

Speed up the belt, Sam.


Hell, I'll take her!

Sure amazin'

How far some fellas can see!

Speed up the belt.

Speed up the belt, Sam.

Speed up the belt.

Speed up the belt, Sam!

Speed up the, speed up the, speed up the speed up the belt!

Mass production

Will sweep the nation.

A simple notion,

The world's reward.

Even people who ain't too clever

Can learn to tighten a nut forever,

Attach one pedal

Or pull one lever

For Henry Ford!

Henry Ford!

Henry Ford!

Henry Ford!

Grab your goggles

And climb aboard!

I'm ready, Lord!


Wheels of a Dream Tag

Beyond that road

Beyond this lifetime

That car full of hope

Will always Gleam

With the promise of happiness

And the freedom he'll live to know

He'll travel with head held high

Just as far as his heart can go

And he will ride

Our son will ride

On the Wheels of a Dream


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